Frequently Asked Questions


Which booklet series do DUZ Academic Publishers offer?

Currently DUZ offers four different booklet series:

  • The Internationalisation of Higher Education series provides practical examples and advice for the development and implementation of relevant strategies and activities in diverse contexts.
  • Higher Education in National Contexts has information about national higher education systems from countries such as USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, France and Portugal.
  • Best of the Bologna Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of the basics, any developments and every dimension of the Bologna process.
  • Leadership and Governance in Higher Education aims to provide leaders, members of governing bodies and senior administrators of higher education institutions with a user-friendly tool to support their work.

Where have the articles of the booklets originally been published?

The articles have been published in our different international journals, the Journal of the European Higher Education Area and the Internationalisation of Higher Education  handbook. Many readers have asked us if it is possible to purchase articles devoted to specific topics without a subscription. In response, we have created new booklet series where articles published related to that topic are republished separately.

How many volumes exist?

  • Internationalisation of Higher Education consists of 19 different volumes;
  • Higher Education in National Contexts contains 7 different volumes;
  • Best of the Bologna Handbook has 33 different volumes; and
  • Leadership and Governance in Higher Education consists of 29 volumes.

How can I purchase single volumes of a journal series?

You can order single volumes by Please enable Javascript or via our webshop. For an overview, just click the series title that you are interested in and you will find more information about the contents and prices of the volumes. There are also direct links in the webshop.

How can I pay?

Ordered products and invoices are sent directly to your postal address. You can pay via bank transfer. If you order through our webshop, you can also pay by credit card or PayPal. If you order an e-book through our webshop, you will immediately get access to it.

Will the series be extended in future?

Yes, we plan to extend our e-book and booklet offers in future. If you want specific topics or articles from our journals and would like to purchase them as a booklet or e-book, please let Please enable Javascript know.

Where can I get more information about the authors in the single volumes?

In our webshop you can get an overview of all published e-books. If you click on the single volumes, you will find information on the authors of respective issues.

Are there any discounts for booklets?

If you buy the whole compilation of Leadership and Governance in Higher Education, respectively Best of the Bologna Handbook, you receive a substantial discount compared to purchasing single volumes.

  • Leadership and Governance in Higher Education: Print compilation €379,90 (instead of €482,40) and e-book compilation €315,99 instead of € 421,71
  • Best of the Bologna Handbook: Print compilation €449,90 (instead of €582,70) and e-book compilation € 378.99 (instead of €512.67)

If you are specifically interested in governance in specific higher education systems, you can buy all respective issues of Leadership and Governance in Higher Education for a reduced price of €39,99 (printed version: €48,90) instead of €59,97 (printed version: €68,70).

If you are an author of our e-books you can purchase e-books for a reduced price. For more information, please contact Please enable Javascript.